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Why CLS Consulting Ltd?

CLS Consulting Ltd. is a proud Canadian company located in the growing border city of Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan specializing in both in Immigration Consulting and Foreign Recruitment Services for Canada. We currently work with files in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatoon, Manitoba and Ontario.
For our Foreign Recrtn ment ervices, it is ouF-mission to work for the benefit of the Canadian employers. We have developed a unique recruitment system for Canadian employers. We are one of only a few recruitment companies in Canada who actually interview each overseas applicant thoroughly before we recommend them to employers.
We carefully evaluate the needs of each employer and find applicants who will fit not only the skill requirements but also the community environment. Although many employers trust us to test and select their future employees, we also encourage hiring managers to personally meet and make job offers to any of our numerous pre-screened applicants.
For Canadian Immigration Consulting, our certified and experienced Immigration Consultants will help you determine the best and most appropriate immigration route for you and be able to succeed and fulfill your dreams for yourself and your family in this beautiful country called Canada.
Call or stop by our office today for a no obligation and FREE consultation.
a. Immigration Consulting Services:
        i. Labour Market Impact Assessment
        ii. Work Permit or Open Work Permit
        iii. Study Permit
        iv. Visitor Visa
        v. Parents Supervisa
        vi. Permit Restoration or Extension
        vii. Economic Class Immigration
                1. Express Entry (FSW, CEC, FSTP, PNP)
                2. Provincial Nomination
                3. Live-in Caregivers
        viii. PR Card Renewal
        ix. Canadian Citizenship
        x. Temporary Resident Permit
        xi. Re-entry Visa
        xii. Family Class Sponsorship
                1. Spouse or Common-Law
                2. Parents and Grandparents
                3. Child and other relatives
        xiii. Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases
        xiv. Commissioner for Oaths Services (Province of Saskatchewan)
b. Recruitment Services:
When a GOOD employee comes along –does it ever feel good! Great workers leave many impressive thoughts in the minds of your customers bringing back repeat business.
When you choose CLS Consulting to recruit employees, have peace of mind knowing that each candidate we refer to you has been thoroughly screened by a CLS professional beforehand. We will work with you to recruit employees, short list candidates, interview applicants and finally—get them to your business.
Our system is based on carefully screening each applicant in the following areas:
1.Visa eligibility - can the applicant pass the appropriate immigration test and supply the necessary documents to obtain a visa to come to Canada?
2. Language - are they willing to work hard at improving their English language skills?
3. Stability - do they represent a long term solution to employer's labour shortage needs? 
4. Attitude and personality - can they adapt and work well with the company?
5. Adaptability - can they adapt to small community living and cold climates?
6. Expectations - what are their expectal ions and are ihey realistic?
7. Family oriented - is their goal to provide a stable and secure life for their family?
8. Spouse - what will the spouse do in Canada and how will that factor In the stability of the candidate?


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